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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Guest Starring on TNT "The Closer"

It was a pretty amazing last two weeks.... I had recently had a "General" with the casting Office of the TNT show "The Closer". I noticed a breakdown I was perfect for and a couple phone calls to my  agent and there was an audition for me. The role was for a restaurant manager in his 30s which is perfect for me since I happen to work in a restaurant in Beverly Hills and have been serving the producers of the show for over a year.
None of them were in the room when I read but they had to view the tapes and approved and that's exactly what happened....connections do work, but one also has to deliver the goods and I did just that at my audition. I won't lie, I did get coaching from my acting teacher David Gray and felt very confident when I left his house.
The table read was amazing. It was then I realized my two co-stars were Elizabeth Perkins and Maggie Wheeler.
The day of shooting was a blast. I had a great time with the ladies and the crew and the entire experience of being on this show couldn't have been better.

Now it's time to book another job...
Claude Knowlton