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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The confusion between Knowlton and Lacasse

Let me explain the confusion between my two last names....
I was born Claude Lacasse; Claude came from my godfather and Lacasse from my dad's (obviously).
I then came to Hollywood and hated that people just butchered my name; I thought why don't I change my name and find a simple last name that is easy to pronounce and keep my first name even though everyone here calls me "Clod" like I'm some kind of piece of "dirt clod..."
Anyway, I was fine with that ,but needed to change the "LACASSE" part.
I was sitting at the Knowlton Pub in the city of Knowlton,Quebec,Canada on the eve of my brother's wedding when all of sudden seeing the name "Knowlton" all around me just hit me and came up (with the help of my brother and his best man ) that "Claude Knowlton" should be from now on my new "stage name...."

That was over fifteen years ago....Little I knew that "Knowlton" was actually a very British name and people would actually spell like "NOLTON"...oh boy!!!!
So all of a sudden, I went from being French Canadian to British!!!!

When I moved to Vancouver in 1999, I realized that having an English sounding last name was the best thing I ever did.
The agents and Casting Directors of Vancouver are not so much in favor of French-Canadians since most of us have accents and all shows shot in BC are Americans; they prefer not to hire French Canadians.... No one ever thought for once that English wasn't my first language,why would it be???? With a last name like "Knowlton"....
Now that I am back in LA and have a strong resume, I would really like to get back to my real last name, but it's a little late since all my credits are under Knowlton and all my Unions are registered under "Claude Knowlton" is for my Stage name and
Claude Lacasse is for my personal life...Get it?

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