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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Paparazzies are following everywhere I go!!!

What's with them anyway?
They are following me at Lemonade, at The Coffee Bean...Ok ok ok maybe Paris Hilton was at Lemonade that day and David Beckham was at The Coffee Bean yesterday, but I really sincerely think they were there for me!!!! LOL
First, I thought "OMG" it's awful to be attacked that way, especially since they were about 20 of them snapping pictures at about two feet away from Ms. Hilton's face inside the small restaurant on Beverly Blvd.
But then, I saw Paris working it like no tomorrow...that girl was posing left and right and was loving every minute of it!!! She was  sporting bright yellow "Happy Face"shoulder pads!!!!

But yesterday, I thought David Beckham who was there to enjoy time with his kids should have been left alone. Until I realized he was sitting facing out towards the cameras. He could have been facing the wall but no no no, Mr Beckham was working it just like Ms. Hilton and sporting a very cool beanie and a 10 day shadow on his gorgeous face!!!
I walked out with my shades on and my coffee in my hands but nobody seemed to care....

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  1. Apparently you had a little more class than both of them combined. Stay behind the glasses, Audrey Hepburn did it regally.

    Your pictures are wonderful, keep surfing! It's getting cold up here.